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Our Philosophy

Redefining Legacy to Engage in Meaningful Living


Launching Legacies is redefining legacy as something that is lived rather than left behind.

Professionalism and Experience


Dr. Ericka Walters is a trained and experienced educator, advocate, scholar, and coach, She uses her knowIedge and expertise in postiive psychology and behavior change theory to support legacy journeys. Find out more about how Ericka launched her own legacy and developed a tool to help others do the same. 

Scientifically Based Process

Legacy Plan Arrows

Legacy coaching is a four-step process based on positive psychological practices that results in the development of a legacy plan (a step by step plan with the tools needed for success). You decide your legacy and Launching Legacies will help you launch, live, and leave it! 





How is Legacy Coaching different than other forms of life coaching?

Legacy Coaching optimizes the idea of legacy as an input and outcome for change. Focusing on the understanding that the way we live our lives will have impact changes the way we think and what we do. Launching Legacies uses a scientifcally based process to redefine legacy and help you live yours. 


How do we get started?

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